Saratoga Battlefield Engagement – Dianna and Keith

When I first met up with Dianna at Panera Bread in Albany, I just loved her energy. I don’t think she stopped smiling the entire time we chatted about her wedding day. Even though I hadn’t met him yet, it was clear that she was certainly head over heels for Keith. As we were wrapping up our meeting, Dianna let me know that not only was she very impressed with my work, but she was also impressed with me…kinda the best compliment you can give a photographer during a wedding consultation. I knew the two of us were going to get along fantastically!

We met up on a warm evening in June at the Saratoga Battlefield in Saratoga Springs, NY. The wind was a bit pesky, but we just worked with it; making sure Dianna’s hair was facing the right direction, and out of Keith’s eyes. I swear these two were like professional models in disguise or something, because they were amazing to photograph. As soon as I posed them, they would just fall into a natural laugh, or look at each other in the cutest way. Seriously adorable!

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Senior Portrait Session at Siena College

I met up with this pretty lady at Siena College for her senior portrait session. She was just graduating from college, and heading off to the Air Force. Talk about a major turning point in her life! I love her adorable graduation cap:

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Family Portrait Session at Yaddo Gardens

The first time I photographed this family, they were just announcing their pregnancy. We met up months later to do maternity photos, and I was thrilled when they contacted me to do an updated family portrait session to include their new addition. We decided to meet up at the beautiful Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga, NY.

When they walked over, I was so excited to meet little miss Lily! She was sporting a big smile, and that is always a good sign. We got started right away…we didn’t want to run out of adorable Lily smiles. As you can see, it paid off:

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Meagan and Ken’s Engagement at the Saratoga Battlefield

I actually met Ken back in elementary school. I remember he was in my 4th grade class with Mrs. Reardon. We shared the same friends, and hung out as kids, but I hadn’t seen him in years. When his fiance Meagan contacted me to enter an engagement session contest I was having, I was so happy to see how things had turned out for him. It is evident that they are both head over heels for each other. When they asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was stoked.

We met up at the Saratoga Battlefield for their engagement session. The weather had been iffy, and we already had to reschedule once, so we were pleasantly surprised when we were blessed with a beautiful day. We had such a great time; laughing the whole time. It was easy for me to capture the love between them along with genuine emotions from both of them. The sun set was gorgeous that day, and we were blessed with amazing light. We had such an amazing session, and I can not wait to photograph their big day!

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Maria and Scott at Mallozzi’s

I met Maria and Scott last year when I photographed Maria and her sister. When she sent me an email announcing that they had set a date for their wedding, and wanted to ask me to be their photographer, I was super excited!

We met up to discuss wedding details, and Maria and Scott told me about their wedding theme. They are fans of different football teams, the Patriots, and the Jets, and their wedding was going to celebrate their playful opposition.

When I arrived at Mallozzi’s on their wedding day, I was greeted by Maria, and her ladies. I photographed the ladies getting ready, while my second photographer photographed the men. (more…)

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Portrait Session in Troy NY | Albany NY Photographer

I have been photographing these two kiddos for a while now, and I get pretty excited every time their mother contacts me to set up a photo session. They both are so easy to photograph. I mean, I know they’re adorable, but they cooperate so well too!  I also love that they call me “Picture Crystal”. Seriously the cutest! (more…)


Erin and Dan at Revolution Hall in Troy NY

I met up with Erin and Dan last year to discuss the details of their wedding day. I knew that we would work very well together, and I looked forward to their wedding day, and the chance to photograph another wedding reception at Brown’s Brewery in Troy. Love that place! (more…)


Tips for Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

You just got engaged! You’re over-the-moon excited to marry your best friend. Now it’s time to plan a wedding. In the sea of wedding vendors, how do you choose the right ones for your wedding day? I have compiled some tips that I feel are super important when searching for the right wedding photographer for your big day. (more…)


2013 Year Review | Albany NY Wedding Photographer

As 2013 comes to an end, I still can’t believe all of the amazing things that happened, the incredible people I had the honor of working with, and the touching moments I had the privilege of capturing. I have been there as so many of you marry your best friends, I have planned out exciting gender reveal sessions, I have photographed newborn babies and children to help their parents capture a moment in time that passes all too quickly, I have captured families in all of their silliness and beauty…..I still can’t believe that I get to do what I love! (more…)


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