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A Boho Inspired Photo Session at Thacher Park

I am always very busy planning photo sessions for other people. I absolutely love what I do and put my heart and soul into every photo session. I get so excited planning out the sessions and making or purchasing props. I thought it was about time to do a session with my own little ones. I imagined them in white flowing dresses, with floral head wreaths on, and bear feet… a very boho look. I can get everyone else’s children to cooperate and have a great time, but my kids run from me when they see my camera in my hand. I made sure to let them know ahead of time that this was important to me (and bribed them with ice cream). It was very humid and the bugs were really bothering them, but they did a great job and I am so proud of how their photos came out! I finally have some beautiful photos of my own kiddos! (more…)


1st Birthday Photo Session

I was so excited when this adorable little guy’s mom contacted me to do his 1st birthday photos. I gathered my props,grabbed some balloons and my gear and headed out to Clifton Park where we met up at a local park. I was delighted to see the smile on his face as his mom brought him over. A happy baby is always a good thing! (more…)

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