1st Birthday Photo Session

I was so excited when this adorable little guy’s mom contacted me to do his 1st birthday photos. I gathered my props,grabbed some balloons and my gear and headed out to Clifton Park where we met up at a local park. I was delighted to see the smile on his face as his mom brought him over. A happy baby is always a good thing!

I set everything up, and then placed him next to some balloons. That seemed to be a good thing at first, as he smiled and grabbed at them. I was able to get some great shots. When we tried to take the balloons out of the way, that was a different story. He loved them a little too much! Thankfully, we were able to cheer him back up, and we were back to getting adorable photos. We had a great time, and I look forward to photographing this little guy in the future!


See what I mean by adorable?!


And here he is loving the balloons…a little too much.


He had the most adorable sparkling blue eyes ever! I could photograph him all day long.


This was a lovely session, and we got some amazing photos!

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