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Albany NY Wedding Photographer | Jackie and Rob at Mallozzi’s

I knew the first time that I met up with Jackie and Rob that I was going to have a blast photographing their wedding day. They are both so down to earth, and fun to be around. Jackie told me that her favorite color is pink, and that her wedding was going to have “pink everywhere”. She was right about that!

When I arrived at her hotel room, Jackie was so calm and relaxed. She had everything completely under control. We were exactly on schedule the whole day (with some time to spare!).

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Saratoga Engagement Session- Crystal and Kevin

I met up with Crystal over the Summer, when she booked her wedding with me. We went over details, talked about her and Kevin, and the children they share. It was at this time that I learned that they have a daughter that is the same age as my daughter, has the same first name, same middle name, and is also the middle child. Talk about coincidence!

The three of us met up on a late Summer evening for their engagement session out at the Saratoga Battlefield. It was a perfect night, not too chilly, and not too warm either. It happened to be a full moon, and it was beautiful the way it sparkled in the sky.

We definitely had some fun… I don’t know how to do things any other way 🙂

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Why Photography?

In the midst of a crazy fall, super packed with weddings, portrait sessions, and meetings, I still wake up in the morning with a smile on my face. I still get excited about every single wedding, and every single session I do. On top of that (and this is the most important for me), I still pick up my camera in my free time, in that wondrous way I did when this journey first began. This is the “why?” part for me. This is why I do what I do. Photography woke me up from my creative slumber.

When I was a kid, I remember being drawn to the arts in every form. My friends and I would spend countless hours choreographing routines that we would perform at the school dances. I later joined dance classes, and I remember the first time I did a solo on stage in front of all those strangers. I felt more alive in that moment than I ever had before. Art class was by far my favorite subject. My bedroom walls were covered in my favorite drawings and paintings. I kept a notebook full of poetry that I would write while sitting in my room at night. I would get super excited walking into a library. To me, those books were the thoughts and feelings of other people, all out on display for someone to experience, and I took pleasure in getting lost in a good book. Art was my therapy in dealing with my less than ideal childhood.

I became a mother at a young age. I knew that my daughter was always going to come first, and I made her my number one priority. I then got married, and had my second child. I was so low on my own priority list, that there was no time for me. Ever. I would still go to the craft store, and stock up on paints, canvases, drawing materials, etc. but they would sit in my closet. I guess just knowing that I had them in the event that I was able to use them was some kind of comfort. I lost my sense of creativity, and quite frankly, I lost my sense of self. I put so much into being the best mother that I could; tending to the kids, working to help my husband pay the bills, trying to keep the house semi clean on a daily basis…I just felt so weighed down from all of my “to do’s”, that there was no time for the things that I enjoyed.

Fast forward to 2010. I finally could afford to get my first “real” camera. I got a Nikon DSLR, and went on a photo taking frenzy. It started with photos of my kids, then I got on a flower/nature kick….I just couldn’t stop taking photos. My kids were a bit older, and more independent, so I guess I didn’t feel as guilty for taking some “me” time as they entertained themselves. I became a sponge, learning everything I possibly could about photography. It was in this same year that I went back to school to pursue a degree in business. I was finally making time for myself. I quickly outgrew that beginner DSLR, and longed for something that I could really take control of. People started asking me to take photos for them. This was a big deal for me. I felt something inside of me telling me that this could be it. This could be what I was meant to do. I could feel myself coming alive again. I had found my passion. You see, that first DSLR changed my whole life. It reminded me of all of that creativity that I had bottled up inside of me, that deserved to be set free. It reminded me that I could still be a great mom, and take time for myself.

2014 is coming to an end, and I just can’t believe what an amazing journey this has been. I have been there to capture memories for so many amazing people as they say “I Do” to their best friends, I have photographed so many little ones for their parents to look back on years from now, and remember their chubby little cheeks, I have captured the essence of so many families for them to treasure for years to come. Words can not describe how honored I am to have been there to freeze those moments in time for all of you.

So, this is my “why?”. This is why I do what I do. Because photography taught me how to feel alive again. My walls are once again covered in my artwork (I even get my kids involved!). Because every day I wake up feeling like I am living a dream. Because I still get just as excited about every wedding/session as I did the very first time.



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