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Saratoga NY Wedding – Trilby and Clark

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Trilby and Clark were married at the beautiful Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga NY on a beautiful September day. I arrived at her hotel to find Trilby and her ladies having a great time getting ready. I just love capturing bridal preparation photos! I love all of the little details that go into a wedding. The shoes, the jewelry, the flowers, and of course the dress!


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Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding – Jessica and Steve

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Jessica and Steve got married at the beautiful Glen Sanders Mansion on a gorgeous September day. After the killer engagement session we did together (see that session here), I could not wait to see what their wedding day would be like! Jessica’s attention to detail is amazing, so I was really looking forward to seeing her dress, flowers, decor, etc. I knew that these two made a perfect couple, and that the photos we captured were going to be amazing, but wow is all I can say.


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90 State Events Wedding – Jillian and Joe

Jillian and Joe are such an amazing couple, and their love for one another is so obvious. I met up with them out in Saratoga last summer for their engagement session (check it out here), and we definitely worked well together, which got me super excited to photograph their wedding!

Jillian has such an eye for style and beauty, that I just knew their wedding day was going to be one to remember. I don’t think I could have imagined just how glamorous she would look, though! She truly was stunning. I think Joe just about died when he saw her during their first look. You don’t want to miss these photos!

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Crooked Lake House Wedding – Dianna and Keith

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I remember when I first met Dianna, at a Panera in Albany. After our meeting she said to me “Crystal, I am really impressed with you. Not just with your work, but with you as a person. I really like you”. She may not remember saying that to me lol, but it stuck in my head. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and she ended up booking her wedding with me right then. I am so glad she did!

When it came time for their engagement session, I finally got to meet Keith, and could totally see the connection they had. They totally killed it during their session, which can be seen here. I couldn’t wait for their wedding!

Dianna was a gorgeous bride!  When she walked down the aisle, and Keith had tears in his eyes, I had to fight back tears of my own. What a beautiful ceremony!  (more…)

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Brown’s Brewery Wedding – Leslie and Tom

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Leslie and Tom are amazing. Seriously. In the amount of time that I have gotten to know them through our first meeting, our engagement session (check out that session here), and their wedding day, I have witnessed not just their love for one another, but the fact that they are truly great people.

Their friends and family gathered from New Jersey and around Binghamton, NY for their wedding day at Brown’s Brewery in Troy, NY. It was the first weekend in May, but boy was it a hot, sunny day! When I arrived at Leslie’s hotel room, she greeted me with a smile. Her twin sister was there to help her get ready. It wasn’t just Leslie’s wedding day, but it was also their birthday! Tom was getting ready at the same hotel, in a nearby room. (more…)

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Shaker Ridge Country Club Wedding- Meagan and Ken

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I had the privilege of photographing Meagan and Ken’s wedding day at Shaker Ridge Country Club in Latham, NY. I was super excited about this wedding, because I knew how awesome Meagan and Ken are, and I some of the bridal party members were people that I had grown up with. It was so wonderful to see so many people that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and it was even more awesome to witness Meagan and Ken become husband and wife. I remembered how photogenic the two of them are from our engagement session at the Saratoga Battlefield (found here), so I knew they would rock their bridal portraits!

When I showed up for bridal preparation photos, Meagan was calm and very excited to see Ken for their first look. She had a group of wonderful ladies helping her get ready.

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Settles Hill Tree Farm Wedding – Jill and Mark

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When I met Jill for the first time, I knew she was someone that I would love to work with. She was so sweet, and the way she talked about Mark made her feelings for him very clear. I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their wedding day! We met up at Thacher Park for their engagement session, and we had a wonderful time. See their engagement session here.

On their wedding day, I arrived to photograph Jill and her ladies getting ready. These photos are always so much fun to photograph. I love capturing all of the little details that go into preparing to walk down the aisle!

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Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

I have had the honor of working with some very talented people in the wedding industry throughout the years. It’s amazing how a wedding is really a collaboration of so many individuals coming together with the same purpose in mind: to make the day awesome! From the start of the day with the hair and makeup team making everyone look their best, to the end of the night with the DJ/band, and reception venue making sure everyone has a wonderful time.

I wanted to collect some info to make things just a little bit easier for all of the brides out there wondering what they can do to prepare for their big day, so I contacted some of the lovely ladies I have worked with in the makeup industry, and asked for some tips. Here is what they had to say. You’re going to want to grab a pen for this one 🙂


Tina from Flawless by Tina says “Do your research when booking a makeup artist! This is your one and only special day! You want an experienced makeup artist…someone that does this all the time for weddings, and special events.” She also says “When looking for that special look, I always tell brides to look at someone that has the same hair color and eye color as you. Makeup on a blonde with blue eyes, looks totally different on a brunette with brown eyes.” Yes! This is an excellent tip. Tina also says to keep it classic. “You want to look like you, but a more enhanced and glamorous you!” This one is near and dear to my heart. I absolutely love the idea of looking like the best possible version of yourself, but make sure you keep it timeless. Probably not a good idea to go with something trendy at the time (who remembers wearing white eyeliner in the 90’s?!), and better to stick with classic looks that stand the test of time. Great tip, Tina!

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Allison from Bloom. Salon and Makeup Bar  says “Never skip the trail! Trials are just as important to the bride as it is the makeup artist! It’s a time where we get to know you, your comfort zone and create the perfect look you are envisioning. It is the perfect time to speak up if you’re not comfortable with something- remember, we are here for you, and want to make you feel your very best!”  She also recommends wearing white to your trail, to get a better feel for how your makeup will look when you’re in your dress. What a great tip! She also says not to forget about those brows! “Eyebrows are super important to the finished look…. I highly suggest getting them done by a professional (and someone you trust!) about 2 weeks before the wedding… Just In case an allergic reaction wants to happen! Don’t worry- your makeup artist the day of can clean up any random ones that come in.” But I just loved her bonus tip: “Remember this is the day you have been planning – relax, smile and have fun, that’s when any woman looks the most beautiful! At the end of the day- you will be a married… How great is that?” Couldn’t have said it any better, Allison 🙂

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Julie from Beauty With Julie  recommends starting a regular skincare regimen, saying “So we all want the blushing bridal glow on our wedding day! To do this I always suggest starting a regular skincare regimen at least 4-6 months before the big day. Beauty with Julie will provide our brides with product recommendations which are geared towards your specific skincare concerns. Your glowing complexion awaits!” She even provided me with this awesome list of things you should have in your bridal touch up kit:

What You Should Have In Your Bridal Touch Up Kit:
 -Blotting Papers for excess oil and shine
 – Make-up Sponge
 -Bobby Pins
 – Lip Balm for all day kissable lips!
 -Lipstick/Lipgloss of the color we have chosen for you!
 -Face Powder for touch ups (Translucent or Foundation)
 -Convertible cream blush which can be used for quick tinted lips and rosy cheeks!

Julie also says “I encourage my brides to use airbrush make-up for their special day for its flawless finish, versatile coverage, and long wearing properties. TEMPTU Airbrish Make-up is lightweight, hydrating, and has a natural looking formula which gives you a beautiful flawless complexion. It also features a built in primer for longer wear, and an advance smoothing complex which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”  She also says that eyelashes are a must, saying “I offer quick eyelashes which are individual clusters, not a “strip lash”, and I also perform eyelash extensions which last 2-3 weeks. Eyelash Extensions are perfect for your honeymoon, as they are waterproof!”

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If you didn’t grab a pen in the beginning, I’ll bet you want to print this out, huh? Seriously, if you’re getting married soon, or know someone who is, this is some awesome information! Feel free to share this blog with anyone who might benefit from the amazing tips.

Thank you to these wonderful ladies who took the time out to supply me with some of their knowledge to share with all of you. You are all amazing, and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Much love,


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Lake House Lodge Wedding – Jenn and Bill

I already knew from working with Jenn, and Bill for their engagement session, that this couple was super fun, and very photogenic. See their engagement at Thacher Park session here. We headed out to Cooperstown, NY to the Lake House Lodge for their wedding. We started the day off with a beautiful first look. I have probably said it many times before, but I just love first looks! You get some pretty awesome, emotional photos of the bride, and groom seeing each other for the first time, AND they allow so much more flexibility in the photography timeline. Just look at Bill’s expression as he sees Jenn for the first time:

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And then we spent a little bit of time doing portraits of the bride, and groom. I always love a good balcony for dramatic photos!

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